Top 5 Penetration Testing Services for Application & Network

Top 5 Penetration Testing Services for Application & Network


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We live in ever-changing cyberspace where cybercriminals increasingly adapt to breach and access sensitive data, spy on individuals, and engage in malicious activities on a 24/7 duty. Hence, it’s critical for every organization to extensively use security testing tools to defend the security of its technological infrastructure.

Penetration testing services are the most efficient of all. It benefits businesses by detecting and identifying vulnerabilities, estimating harm, and mitigating them before cybercriminals discover and exploit them.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, this article will discuss software penetration testing and the top 5 best Penetration Testing Services to entrust your company’s security in cyberspace.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, which comes in various terms such as security pen testing or simply security testing, is a form of ethical hacking practice.

It refers to the deliberate deployment of modeled cyberattacks by white hat penetration testers employing tactics and technologies to gain access to or harm computer systems, networks, webpages, and software apps. The primary goal of pen testing services is to help your company find exploitable vulnerabilities to establish effective security solutions.

Why Do We Use Penetration Testing?

Even though the primary goal of penetration testing is to find vulnerabilities to establish adequate security measures, white hat hackers and professionals can also employ a penetration testing methodology in a different scenario.

These specialists may assess the integrity of your company’s security protocols, regulatory compliance, employee security knowledge, and your capacity to notice and mitigate all risks uncovered, such as security breaches when they happen.

Best Penetration Testing Software

Penetration testing services, which mimic a cyberattack, seek to assist you in evaluating the efficiency of information security measures within your companies. The penetration test identifies system flaws before attackers do. To help you in your endeavor, we compiled a list of the best penetration testing companies, beginning with BreachLock.

#1 BreachLock

BreachLock, Inc. is a global cybersecurity industry leader specializing in fast, scalable, and comprehensive Penetration Testing Services.

It provides market-disrupting Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) by leveraging the power of AI to expand the skills and creativity of human ethical hackers. Their hybrid methodology puts them in a unique position to offer enterprises complete visibility into their security posture from an adversary perspective.


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BreachLock’s human penetration testers focus on testing for newer vulnerabilities that AI cannot detect and validate vulnerabilities revealed by automation. Compared to other penetration testing providers, BreachLock offers the world’s first full-stack solution, covering all attack surfaces such as Web Applications, Internal and External Networks, and API Endpoints.

Key Features

Web Application Penetration Testing

BreachLock’s highly skilled certified penetration testers will thoroughly test your web apps for OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and business-relevant vulnerabilities. They conduct extensive manual testing using the same tools and resources as a hostile hacker would.

Their penetration testing methodology incorporates test scenarios such as database injection, authentication failure, data breaches, XML exposure to other entities, brute force, access restrictions, and security misconfiguration. They also check your web apps for important business logic security issues, giving clients a true hacker’s perspective of their security posture.

Moreover, BreachLock follows OWASP standards to deliver the most comprehensive analysis of an organization’s web application security. OWASP analyzes each domain for your apps and documents the results into useful reports.

Network Penetration Testing

BreachLock utilizes AI-assisted testing tools operated by their skilled human hackers and internal network scanning to help enterprises analyze and manage internal vulnerabilities in the cloud and hybrid networks. BreachLock can identify vulnerabilities on servers, workstations, and other devices at an accelerated speed thanks to their market-disrupting human-augmented, AI-powered methodology.

Also, its evidence-backed reports help you easily meet compliance and vendor assessment requirements, which come in multiple formats to make sharing with executives and third parties easy.

BreachLock also leverages an automatic external security scanner for identifying external network vulnerabilities. This penetration testing software inspects network perimeters, finds vulnerabilities, and recommends specific remediation methods.

You will receive automatic notifications about any new vulnerabilities detected in real-time to help you maintain complete control of your security posture. Their professionals ensure that the scans are supplemented with rigorous manual testing procedures to verify that there are no false positives and no vulnerabilities left undetected.

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

BreachLock offers a cloud-based SaaS-delivered security assessment software that eliminates the need for other software or hardware. Multiple users within your business will have the ability to collaborate to patch vulnerabilities. It also allows you to quickly identify exploitable flaws in manual AWS penetration testing and other cloud systems.

3rd Party Penetration Testing Services

BreachLock’s PenTesting as a Service is designed to act as a third party to assess your system by detecting vulnerabilities and security gaps in all parts of an enterprise to give organizations a hacker’s view of their security posture.

From web and mobile apps to network landscapes, BreachLock conducts both automated and manual penetration testing to provide the most comprehensive results and sets organizations up to repair all vulnerabilities successfully.

Now, penetration testing techniques and standards are critical to the success of any 3rd Party Penetration Testing engagement. That’s why this platform adheres to OWASP and OSSTMM standards and NIST, and includes a clear overview of their security testing methodologies and approach.

In addition, BreachLock also has a strong focus on compliance. They will assist you in both scoping and executing compliance-related PenTests such as PCI DSS, SOC2 and HIPAA. Unlike “off-the-shelf” mass phishing testing options, BreachLock uses a customized approach to assess your spear phishing vulnerability.


  • PenTesting can begin within 24 hours of signing a contract

  • Delivers reports 50% Faster than traditional PenTesting companies

  • 50% more cost-effective than traditional PenTesting providers

  • Covers 100% of your tech-stack and proactively finds the vulnerabilities in your entire attack surface, including Applications, Networks, and API Endpoints

  • Evidence-backed reports are shared in multiple formats to make sharing with Executives and third parties easy

  • Team of certified security experts at your disposal to leverage hacker knowledge

  • Unlimited automated retests to verify patches for automated findings

  • 1 Manual retest included with every PenTest

  • Remediation prioritization is seamless, with the ability to sort vulnerabilities based on multiple parameters

  • Single-pane view into the entire digital landscape’s attack surface from any browser using BreachLock’s SaaS platform


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BreachLock’s mission is to make cyberspace a safer place for all. Don’t pass up the opportunity to gain peace of mind that your organization’s digital landscape is secure under your watch with the help of BreachLock. Contact BreachLock now to receive a customized and competitive quote within 24 hours!

#2 HackerOne

HackerOne was established in 2012 by hackers and security professionals inspired by their will to make cyberspace safer. Today, it stands as one of the market leaders in Attack Resistance Management (ARM) and penetration testing software. It combines ethical hackers’ security skills with asset discovery, ongoing assessment, and process optimization. These aim to identify and plug vulnerabilities in the ever-changing digital attack surface.


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HackerOne got you covered whether you’re trying to find and remediate vulnerabilities, valid security concerns during development, show compliance, or remove cloud misconfigurations. It begins with a bug bounty, security assessment, or VDP, and then scale up when you’re ready.

Its platform monitors your attack surface, discovers hackers with the talents you require, processes payments, triages and organizes your weaknesses, compares your business to others, and more.

Furthermore, this penetration testing software integrates with the most common communications, development, and security applications to improve your business workflow.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made by hackers and security leaders

  • Easily weeds out all vulnerabilities detected in your platforms

  • Comprises vulnerability management, cloud security, risk, and compliance as well as application security testing

  • Compares your organization’s level of security to others

  • Integrates with other popular applications

  • Trusted by PayPal, Nintendo, Shopify, Qualcomm, and more

#3 Acunetix

Acunetix is another automated tool that will provide you with seamless access to complete penetration testing tools. It is capable of auditing complicated management reports and difficulties, as well as dealing with several network vulnerabilities. Out-of-band problems and vulnerabilities are also included.


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WAFs and issue trackers are integrated into Acunetix Scanner. Acunetix can be trusted because it is one of the most advanced in the business. One of its most impressive achievements is its exceptional detection rate.

This utility protects against over 4,500 vulnerabilities. Its Login Sequence Recorder capability can scan regions that are not password-protected. Then, its AcuSensor technology and manual penetration instruments provide thorough security detections. It can crawl thousands of web pages fast and can operate locally as well as through cloud options.

Acunetix has the ability to audit complicated management reports and compliance concerns. It is capable of dealing with a wide range of network vulnerabilities. It is one of the industry’s most advanced Cross-site scripting and SQLi testing solutions, with a high detection rate and incredibly technological XSS detection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% accuracy in detecting security issues

  • Scans open-source software as well as custom-built applications

  • Provides an advanced deep scan technology to test your technological infrastructure

  • The process takes only a few minutes

  • Other features to let you identify bugs and ways to fix them

#4 Raxis

When your firm needs to defend itself from real-world hackers, including state-sponsored and non-state actors, data theft, cybercrooks, harmful insiders, and the mysterious groups that encompass all of these and more, Raxis is one of the ideal teams to contact.


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Raxis provides a range of high-end, high-value cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, web and API pen testing, vulnerability management, and physical security audits. More than 600 pen tests are conducted yearly by certified, experienced people with different information technology backgrounds, confronting and defeating some of the most sophisticated business network security.

Along with cutting-edge hacking and badge scanning/cloning equipment, the Raxis team comprises seasoned social engineers, phishing specialists, and physical security professionals skilled at other onsite security measures.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Has the ability to meet requirements for NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171/CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO 27001, and SOX compliance

  • Offers a highly experienced team as regards SCADA, embedded devices, and IoT penetration testing

  • Includes a remote penetration testing compatible with its own Raxis Transporter

  • Pre-acquisition and due diligence penetration testing is available

  • A customer portal that keeps clients up to date on all operations, including when engineers are on the job

  • Continuous Penetration Testing employs AI technology that prompts human involvement

#5 Redbot Security

Thanks to their team of Senior Level Engineers with over 20 years of securing vital systems and data, Redbot Security penetration testing is one of the most popular pen-testing services. Their penetration testing services are performed for Water/Power utilities, National Transportation, Manufacturing, Fintech, Healthcare, and SaaS firms.

Redbot Security

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Redbot Security’s scoping and extensive remedial reporting are among those complete in the market, with full proof of concept for all findings. The platform evaluates results and eliminates any false positives. Plus, Redbot Security specializes in ICS/SCADA testing, wireless and application testing, as well as internal/external penetration testing.

Among other penetration testing services, it’s one of the few that offers the unique ability to scope small to big projects, matching their clients’ budgets and timetables while focusing on offering the finest client experience in the market.

Testing is meaningless unless it yields actionable findings. Redbot provides expert-written reports emphasizing crucial facts and how targets were compromised, tips on best practices, and a thorough analysis of remedial options.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seasoned whitehat experts

  • Offers some free penetration testing tools

  • Customer-centric with customized ways of penetration tests

  • Provides a comprehensive proof of concept report and no false positives

  • Application, IT / OT network experts for your company

A network penetration testing activity does more than assist your business. It also helps your company’s decision-makers or the internal security team acquire relevant, useful, and actionable information about the present security posture of the network assets under consideration.

With our top 5 best penetration testing services, you can identify and neutralize vulnerabilities, gaps, faults, and weaknesses before cyber attackers exploit them in the worst-case scenario.

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