Steve Jobs’ Apple-1 Prototype Expected to Fetch $500,000 at

A landmark piece of computing history popped up in an online auction earlier this week. For sale as Lot #5006 (opens in new tab) on RR Auctions is a prototype Apple Computer A, claimed to have been assembled by nonother than Steve Wozniak and owned by Steve Jobs. If that isn’t a fine enough pedigree to excite bidders, there is photographic evidence that this is the production prototype for the Apple 1 and was instrumental in securing Apple’s first ‘big’ order; selling 50 pre-assembled Apple 1s to The Byte Shop in Mountain View, California. Bidding for the PCB pictured above and below is at $278,005 at the time of writing and is expected to exceed $500,000 by the auction’s end (August 19).

The PCB wasn’t looked after carefully by owner Steve Jobs. After securing the landmark order, it is thought to have been cast aside at the Apple Garage for several years before Jobs gifted it to the current owner approximately 30 years ago.