Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

Who has never had the dream of winning the jackpot in the lottery? How powerful would we be if we were able to predict the future?

I have played the lottery for many years, however, I haven’t won so far. Probably it’s because I am not able to predict the lottery numbers.

Let’s have a different look at that dream of being able to predict the future. It’s obvious that most of us can’t predict the future. If this were not true, we’d all be millionaires. We need to ask what else is possible for us.

What we can do is observe what happened in the past and what happens in the present, and figure out what is the most likely thing to happen in the future. That’s going to be our guess for what will happen. Kampanye di media sosial
When we have done our job of observation well, it’s likely that we are guessing right.

Why is being able to predict the future the key to implementing your vision?

A prediction is likely to happen, but doesn’t have to happen. The future is the undiscovered landscape. If you can predict the future, you have power over almost everything. However, it might not possible for you to change the future that you predicted.

When you know what you want for your life, the next step is to recognize where, how and under what circumstances your goals might be possible in reality. That’s why making predictions for the future is necessary for implementing your vision.

What differences do you recognize over time? How are things developing? What is available now and what could be available in the future? Always keep the end in mind. What is now, and what will be possible later? Imagine how you will look back at your life from a very old age.

The future is the time that hasn’t come yet. You would like to predict the future, because you have to be able to recognize what is possible in reality and how you can implement your vision if you want to work towards attaining your goals.

If you were able to predict everything, you could almost make everything possible. For example, you could win the jackpot in the lottery, prevent bad accidents, know when to start a business and how to do it so that it will become successful over time.

How to use your intuition and your imagination to create the desired future:

Our intuition is our gut feeling. When we just know that something is or is not going to happen, even though we don’t have any information about the whole outcome, we know that our gut is talking to us. My gut has always been right so far. It’s a very reliable kind of unconscious knowledge that is available to us for free. We just need to listen to our gut.

Our imagination creates a vision of what we would like to attain. This vision is an ideal picture of what we wish to realize. If we want to make something happen, we have to imagine how it could be possible in our reality. The more precise our imagination is, the more likely it is that it will develop in reality.

Predicting the future is one of the most powerful tools that are available to us all in this world. That’s why it is very important to practice predicting the future often. Predicting the future is an ability that increases our power in many ways if we are willing and courageous enough to apply it later. However, we have to take action!

When should we be courageous and listen to our intuition and imagination? We should ask “What is the worst-case-scenario?” What happens in the worst case when you are wrong? When the worst-case-scenario is not bad or not very likely, then it’s reasonable to take the risk. Watch the worst-case scenario and listen to your intuition.